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Reborn Alpha caters to the requirements set-out by 21st century investors. Our global reach and expertise, allows for an innovative solution to the investment sector of the Real Estate Industry.

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Reborn Alpha Limited is a private company limited by shares, registered in Ireland.

Operating in the Real Estate Industry in four continents including Europe, North America, South America, and Asia.

As an ambitious company, we are in a constant search of expansion and creative applications of our business relationships and approaches.

Reborn Alpha provides a diverse set of complementary services, our investment strategy goes hand-in-hand with the our primary investment offers.

The complimentary services, allow for Reborn Alpha to capture short-term yield. And provides for higher margins to our clients by economies of scale.

The strategy, allows us to grow independently and together with clients.


At the core of our business model, Construction is essential in increasing marginality and decreasing the principal investment of a project, thereby decrease Investors Costs and making our product more attractive.


Reborn Alpha is Optimistic of the compelling opportunities, the Realty business can offer, both in short-term profitability and first-hand & first-right investment offerings.


Franchises & similar solutions go hand-in-hand with the global approach of Reborn, creating lucrative openings for a significantly accelerated growth rate.

REITs & Hospitality

REITs & hospitality is the revolutionary approach Reborn Alpha takes to further open up the hospitality markets to investors, slashing traditional entry barriers to the industry.




Reborn is an international Community of Real Estate Entrepreneurs.

Reborn Alpha prioritizes its global partners to offer a truly local experience to investing in real estate halfway across the globe.

Although, we might be headquartered in Ireland, we prefer to think that we’re an international company, that is able to adapt to an increasingly globalized world. Our RBCM Partners are carefully selected entrepreneurs based all over our planet, committed to providing the best service, the industry has to offer.

Their local presence, not only simplifies and reduces cost. It allows our clients to Invest like they are locals themselves. Understanding the nuance of local business culture, etiquette & markets.

Furthermore, our Partners allow us to participate in global projects, in the franchise, construction and hospitality business.

Investor Relations

At Reborn Alpha, we treat our partners & investors with the utmost respect that each of them deserves, as a company we offer our shareholders a projected asset expansion backed up by the reliability, stability and financial security tailored to their needs.

One of our principal objectives is to continue as a sustainable corporation which upholds its integrity and standards to the utmost degree. Over our history we have maintained the adequate proficiency to protect our stakeholders interests, involve them in the decision making process, and accurately advise them to the risk exposure held by the company.

We strive on a daily basis to ensure our partnerships experience growth on all frontiers of a healthy business relationship. One of our core values is that full transparency is the only sustainable long-term solution to continued business growth.


Reborn Developments™
| Invest World-Wide Together. |

Reborn Developments™ mission statement is to become the infrastructure necessary to simplify Real Estate.

REBORN ALPHA “mari prius at reanscamur”

Reborn Alpha mission statement is “We Build, to help others financially succeed.”





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